The world is changing…and so are we! My father, Senior Partner Michael A. Noonan, Esq., is grumbling as I write this. After more than 30 years as a litigator he still likes his pen and legal pad, telephone, and hand-written motions. However, even he has embraced our firm's progressive approach to the changing legal profession. Like it or not we live in an iPad© world where you can find everything from medical diagnosis to legal advice with the click of a button. For personal services professions such as law, we understand an in-person meeting is still very important and often necessary. However, once you are comfortable with your choice of professional (firm), the rest of the relationship is mostly communication. That is precisely why we understand that the law firm of the future will provide the best of both worlds – a brick and mortar office for that personal touch and a virtual office for efficient communication. Many law firms across the country are moving towards a virtual office, taking advantage of social media, and some are even installing drive through windows all aimed at greater convenience and value to the client. With the exponentially increasing popularity and productivity of mobile communication and e-commerce, people are becoming more efficient and so are we. Bottom line – nobody likes to sit in an office, and if you don't want to, now you don't have to. Have the peace of mind knowing you can sit in front of us anytime you want but feel just as confident that we will handle your case with the same aggressiveness and diligence if we never physically meet (i.e., our firm services many clients from around the country that are often not required to appear in court and/or do not need to physically appear in the jurisdiction of the charges/issues). Please let us show you that the e-legal environment can be just as personal and more convenient.


Here are just a few ways our firm is embracing technology and passing on the convenience and value to our clients:

  • 24/7 access to our attorneys via e-mail;
  • Online payment options;
  • Web-based direct contact form;
  • Electronic document transfer;
  • Mobile website;
  • "Hub and spoke" physical office approach – Main office (Cumberland, MD) with 2 other "satellite" offices for the geographic convenience of in-person
    meetings with our clients


We are paying attention to what our client's want – the ability to communicate, transfer documents, and pay online. Whether you seek the traditional law office or a convenient e-legal experience, one thing is certain – we are committed and equipped to serve our clients however they feel most comfortable!

Noonan & Noonan, LLC